Children with Additional Needs

Leonie our speech and language therapist

It is critical that children are seen as individuals and those that need additional support are provided the resources and the specialist practitioners to help them on their way. As a nursery who has a commitment to those with additional needs, there are a number of practitioners that engage on a 1:1 basis with children, work to secure the targets that are set within their Individual Education Plan (IEP)

The SENCo of the Nursery, ensures that all children with additional needs are having their needs met and will liaise with professionals such as therapists, paediatricians and language specialist to make sure this happens.

With 36% of our children having English as an additional language there is an increasing number who are coming to us with no English at all. It is part of the nurseries ethos that every child should have the same opportunities and it is the services that need to change to meet their needs. Therefore, we adapt resources to link to children's home languages and have small intervention groups that children can take part in to improve their English.

Parents are invited to attend ESOL classes and they also provide the nursery with key words and phrases for the staff to use with the children to ensure that the essential skills are picked up.

The nursery employ a number of staff that have English as an Additional Language. Their home languages include:

  • ​Malayalam
  • ​Arabic
  • Bengali
  • ​Chinese
  • Spanish

English as an Additional language

Special Educational needs

Children come to us with many individual needs. The majority of the time, a little more time invested will bring about the results needed for children to have the skills to continue on a progressive journey with their peers.

Sometimes a little more time, energy and commitment is needed to support some of the children, those with additional needs that do not allowing them to have the same access to opportunities as their friends and they do not progress at the same level.


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