The nursery has a number of key books that your children will experience during their time here and often they will come home to tell you all about it. Below are some of the books and songs that your child will come across, in case you would like to purchase them to read and sing at home. All books are available at good book stores.

The practitioners know that children learn through repetition, which is why you will find they are doing each book for a term. This helps them with recognising sounds, words and enables them to follow the story line, joining in and telling you what comes next. It is a very sound way of exposing phonics to them. 

Click on the book below to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase them. Please remember this may not be the cheapest place to buy, so if in doubt look around
  • 2 Little Dickie Birds​

  • ​If you're happy and you know it

  • ​Teddy Bear

Themes we will cover

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • Traditional Songs

  • I'm a Little Snowman

  • Jingle Bells

  • Goldilocks House of Bears

  • ​Flying Saucers

  • Weather/Seasons
  • ​Celebration
  • ​Growing and Changing

songs you will hear

Current Core Books, Themes and Songs

  • Dig My Garden

  • Go and Wash Your Hands

  • What's the Weather Like Today

  • Exploring 
  • ​Imagination
  • ​Transport
  • Traditional tales
  • ​Family
  • ​Water
  • Who am 1?
  • ​Belonging
  • ​Life Cycles

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