​​The nursery practitioners work hard to ensure that every child, has the very best opportunity to reach their full potential. Children are encouraged to express themselves and become confident in all they do, this will provide a strong basis for them to develop and their journey of becoming a respected citizen will begin.

Every interaction at the nursery is based upon caring professional relationships and respectful acknowledgement of the feelings of the children and their families. Children gradually learn to understand and manage their feelings with support from the adults around them. Recognising this helps everyone to understand other people’s feelings and become more caring towards others. Within the nursery the practitioners adopt the ‘stop I don’t like it’ approach. This enables children to use a small sentence in helping to share their wishes with others around them. Children are encouraged to use kind and gentle hands as well as kind words with each other.

Friendships and relationships are an important part of their development from birth. As children develop socially they begin to choose friends and show preferences for the children they wish to play with. The children are given opportunity to start this process when taking part in hello and welcome times and group times. These are times to sit together in our rooms and learn and engage about others around us. During hello all the children are sung to allowing everyone in the group to learn each other’s names and be introduced. Making friends is not easy for all children particularly those who are shy, EAL or who find it difficult to cooperate with others. Practitioners are here to work with those children to begin to establish these connections with others. Role modelling how to play and be friendly towards other children

Within the nursery there is the opportunity to have open communication to ensure that everyone’s views are listened to and considered fairly, always keeping the needs of the children firmly in mind. The staff adopt professional relationships based on friendliness towards parents, but not necessarily friendships with parents. When children are looked after in the nursery they can develop security and independence by having a key person to help care for them. Attachments can be made which are looked at as positive bonds that are made between young children, their parents and other carers such as the key person. All these people have a special role to play in providing the right environment where they will flourish. Everyone is valued for who they are and differences are appreciated, everyone is made to feel included and understood, whatever their personality, abilities, ethnic background or culture.

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