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Children will be offered a healthy snack throughout the day, this will consist of fruit or vegetables, water or milk. It is the nurseries policy that parents do not bring sweets, snacks, or drinks to nursery as this will cause inequalities and often anxiety amongst the children

Parents are asked to bring suncream, nappies, a change of clothes and any cream that the child needs, which will be kept in a personalised basket in the rooms.


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 Daycare & Family Support


The nursery supports parents of twins by offering a discount of 5%, providing both children are doing more than 6 sessions.  The 5% discount applies to fee paying daycare only. 

In September of 2015 the nursery will be offering a discount to the essential workers that are are working hard to protect children and their families. The discount will be set at 3% of any fee paying daycare*

If you are working for one of the following, you may qualify for the discount:

  • Police
  • NHS
  • Armed Forces
  • Education
  • ​Fire Service

meals at nursery

There are two set meal times at nursery, these are, 11.20am and 3.20pm.

Children who are accessing lunch have the option of a hot meal costing £2.30 or bringing a packed lunch, however only packed lunches are available in the afternoon.

The meals are provided by Eden Foods who cook the meals on site for the School as well as the Children's Centre.

About Fees....

The nursery provision is OUTSTANDING and this is largely due to the professional, high quality personnel that are instrumental in providing the service to children and families. As a setting that is linked to a school and Bristol City Council, we are bound by the costs and salaries that they dictate, however please be assured that the professionals work extremely hard for the salary they receive. 

We are NOT a profit making organisation and every penny that is gained through the daycare is ploughed back in, enabling children to experience resources and activities that will support their growth.  Whilst there are  large overheads associated with the cost of running the daycare, every effort has been made to keep the prices reasonable.