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Sheridan Road Horfield Bristol BS7 0PU UK

This is a pre-school room that has the aim of ensuring every child is a happy confident learner that will leave the nursery with all the skills they need to go to Reception Class. 

The staff focus on communication,  attention and listening as a priority, but ensure that every area of the Early Years Foundation Stage is covered.  Each child will have lifelong skills that will support them in every step of their learning journey.

Rainbowfish Room welcomes children just before they turn 3 until pre-school age.


Language groups will take place to ensure there is a good level for every children and there is an emphasis on communication for the English as as Additional Language (EAL) children. Children who leave here make good progress and we have seen the results in the primary schools, where the children who have attended the nursery, generally do better than those that don't.

Children are also engage in projects such as Every Child a Talker (ECAT), Better Together, Story Making and Rhyme Times.

Children are able to sit for much longer periods of time when they are in this class and they are able to express what they want without having to be physical. They are able to make meaningful marks which can be easily identified as letters or particular shapes.

Children will be able to use maths and literacy to identify numbers, letters and small words. They will have a more in depth understanding of the world around them and their imaginations will be running wild. Their play will be dramatic and full of language and they will be confident in all they do.

Due to how active the children are, there are lots of trips and falls and the occasional squabble taking place. Each time a child comes home with a bump or bruise, it will be recorded and you will have full detail of what happened. Whilst the practitioners endeavour to know everything that takes place, there are occasions where something has happened and it has not been witnessed, however we will do our best to find out what the situation was and report back.

Children in this room, should be out of nappies, however the practitioners are fully trained and can change children if necessary. Please bring a spare change of clothes as they may have an accident or may simply get wet or dirty when taking part in one of the many experiences throughout the day.

It is important at this stage that children's needs are fully identified to ensure that any individual learning needs can be addressed, fully preparing them for the pre-school journey

It is not surprising that children in the nursery make such good progress and it is down to the very skilled practitioners that support them on a daily basis. Relationships with the key workers is an essential part in what makes like at this nursery special.