It is the commitment of the Nursery and the practitioners within that they will keep your child safe to the best of their ability. They will have training on risk assessments and be conscious of everything they need to do to keep a safe environment for the children in their care.

The following are routine for practitioners at Upper Horfield Nursery and Children's Centre

  • Daily checks and risk assessments are carried out in each room, everyday.
  • The external area is checked everyday
  • Gates are in place to secure play spaces
  • Digit locks are on all doors to the nursery rooms
  • Passwords are used to pick up children
  • All staff are police checked 
  • All staff have child protection training
  • All children and staff are signed in and out, as well as visitors to the site
  • ​Mobile phones are not permitted in the childcare spaces

safety in the home

 Daycare & Family Support

Staying Safe

Whilst it is important to be keeping children safe, it is extremely important to enable children to take risks and explore the environment around them.

Sometimes practitioners and parents hold back their children through their own fears of children hurting themselves, this will most often not be the case. Children are resilient, and when guided, they will make good choices.  Explaining consequences to the children will allow them to consider what their next step will be. Babies have been swimming under water and rock climbing for many years and yet there is a concern about them climbing a step or cutting their own dinner. 

At Upper Horfield Nursery and Children's Centre, practitioners will support children in taking the challenge, walking the beam, climbing the pirate ship, jumping the river of crocodiles or swinging from the rainforest!

Our Commitment to you

Risk taking


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Safety in the nursery is something that practitioners can ensure on a daily basis, safety in the home however, is down to you as the parent. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do to make the house safe but their are some key things that will prevent accidents happening:

  • never put a car seat on a side or table
  • use a fire guard
  • stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • do you really need a chip pan? If so, keep it away from children, don't fill it too much and turn it off
  • hair straighteners, use the bag and turn them off
  • use door stoppers
  • drawer and fridge locks are good
  • talk to your child about home safety
  • talk to your child about stranger danger, but also those who are they are allowed to go off with and those they are not
  • teach your child road safety. Stop Look and Listen
  • buy home safety equipment from the nursery