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Sheridan Road Horfield Bristol BS7 0PU UK

Jellyfish (2-3 years)

A beautiful environment that is calm and homely for our youngest children. We are able to support parents in those critical first challenges of communicating and developing physically. Friendships, attention and listening and toilet competency are all key skills that are developed in this room. The environment caters for the explorers, the creative and the playful 

Rainbowfish Room (2.5 years - 4 years)

A bright environment for those who are refining their socialisation skills. The exploring continues but there is more meaningful play happening. Self care is becoming second nature to our young learners. This is a rich environment which develops the children's ability to be ready for school. Children are progressing at speed and learning information that will set them off for life.

'The nursery is exceptional at consistently achieving very high standards across every aspect of its work through providing highly effective educational programmes for all children. Children make excellent progress from their starting points in all areas of their learning. Parents are routinely involved from the onset and staff form strong relationships with them through the key person role. Staff are excellent at using their knowledge of the children to secure timely interventions and support, based on comprehensive knowledge of the child and their backgrounds.'

 Daycare & Family Support

Upper Horfield Children's Centre has been providing daycare since 2008 and has become one of Bristol's OUTSTANDING providers. 

Our nursery is located in Horfield but serves children and families across Bristol and as far as Portishead.

The provision is an OUTSTANDING provider and have also achieved the Bristol Standard. There is a qualified teacher, a learning lead and many skilled and highly qualified professionals who strive to make every day in your child's life count. 

Rooms in brief

welcome to a lifelong learning journey

'Congratulations everyone - you truly are OUSTANDING and thanks to you all for your hard work, vision and commitment to the children of Bristol and their families'

Sally Jaeckle - Service Manager Early Years