Covid Safe at Upper Horfield

How we're Covid Safe

Early Years

As an Early Years Setting we have put steps in place to ensure the safety of our Staff and the Children in our care.

- Any Staff or Children with symptoms of Covid 19 will be sent home immediately and encouraged to book a Covid test.

- If any Staff or Children in the Setting receive a positive Covid test result, they and their "bubble" will have to self isolate for the amount of time stipulated by the government.

- All Staff take twice weekly Covid tests as arranged by the Setting.

- Staff and Children are part of "bubbles" so it is easy to monitor interaction and close contact

​- The building has been marked out for safe social distancing for Staff

- All Staff have to wear PPE when travelling around the building and not within their "bubble" 

​- Sanitising gel is located throughout the building and regular use encouraged

- All Parents have to collect from an external door (no entering the building) with 2m distance to avoid contact between families

If you have any queries or worries, please phone us or speak to your Child's Key Worker.